Terms and Conditions

In an effort to improve our Customer Relations we have written these Terms and Conditions to avoid ambiguity and confusion at a later stage, and to continue a good working relationship between ourselves and our clients.

These terms and conditions of sale are standard for all orders with Fancy Stitch. Terms and Conditions are binding on placing of an order, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Fancy Stitch.

1.0 Pricing and Payment

1.1 Fancy Stitch does not currently charge VAT.

1.2 Postage quoted in South Africa is ordinary mail. Speed Services
or DHL Express may be requested. Internet traceable tracking
numbers are available.

1.3 Postage quoted outside South Africa is international airmail. DHL
Express may be requested.

1.4 Postage is not included in prices and is quoted separately.

1.5 Payment is expected in full, prior to dispatch. Acceptance of
payment is on sight of funds in our bank account. Acceptance of
payment by cheque is on clearing of funds.

1.6 Customs charges are not included in prices and, if incurred, will
only become apparent in transit.

2.0 Goods in Transit

2.1 Fancy Stitch can not accept any liability for loss or damage of
goods in transit. Should our workmanship be in question please
contact us to discuss a way forward.

2.2 Although we will assist as much as possible in recovering
packages lost in transit, Fancy Stitch cannot be held responsible
and our liability ends with a proof of dispatch.

2.3 Insurance is not standard but may be requested. If requested,
Fancy Stitch will arrange insurance on behalf of the client however
it does not constitute acceptance of liability of the parcel in transit.

3.0 Returns

3.1 Returns for any reason, must be discussed with Fancy Stitch and
a plan of action agreed on, prior to shipping the returns.

3.2 Fancy Stitch can not accept any liability for loss or damage of
goods in transit.

3.3 Returns may be insured by the client however this does not
transfer liability to Fancy Stitch and the client is responsible for
claiming against insurance.

3.4 Replacement goods or credit notes will only be issued on receipt
of the returns, if no damages need to be resolved.
Nonprofit Organization Registration no 043821NPO
Tax No. 9222/174/14/7

3.5 Shipment of replacement goods is under the same Terms and
Conditions of Sale.

4.0 Design and Copyright

4.1 Fancy Stitch retains all rights to the design of arts and crafts
purchased. No reproduction of the item is permitted in any form
without prior written agreement of Fancy Stitch.

4.2 As all items are hand made, small differences in embroidery and
design will occur from products advertised and does not constitute
a breach of order.
As these Terms and Conditions are binding on confirming your order please
ensure you have discussed any exceptions with Fancy Stitch prior to order